Camping Trip to Langano and Zeway Lake

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Langano Lake, Ethiopia
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2 days


Mexico, Wabi Shebelle Hotel @ 12:00 LT


October 14-15, 2023


Amharic, English

About this tour

Camping Trip to Langano and Zeway Lake, Lake Langano beckons with its unparalleled beauty and unique offerings. Situated precisely two hundred kilometres to the south of the bustling capital, Addis Ababa, this pristine oasis is easily accessible by road, providing a seamless journey for all eager travelers. Resting on the border between the enchanting Misraq Shewa and Arsi Zones, Lake Langano forms an integral part of the renowned Abijatta-Shalla Lakes region, promising visitors an immersive experience in nature’s grandeur.

Stretching an impressive 18 kilometres in length and spanning 16 kilometres in width, this azure expanse covers a substantial surface area of 230 square kilometres. With a maximum depth plunging to an astounding 46 meters, Lake Langano stands tall as one of the largest water bodies in the country, offering a sense of vastness and awe that few other lakes can rival.

What sets Lake Langano apart, however, is not just its size, but also the pristine quality of its waters. Unlike many bodies of water in Ethiopia, this lake stands as one of the rare havens, free from parasites, making it a cherished swimming haven for both locals and travelers alike. The gentle embrace of the lake’s waters, coupled with the backdrop of lush greenery, paints a picture of serenity that is nothing short of enchanting.

Beneath the surface, a hidden gem awaits discovery – the water of Lake Langano, though adorned with a gentle milky hue, holds within it a wealth of minerals known for their potential healing properties. This unique characteristic adds a layer of intrigue and allure, inviting guests to partake in a rejuvenating experience, both for body and soul.

Venture further into the northern Rift Valley, and you’ll encounter the grandeur of Lake Ziway, the largest of its kind in the region, boasting a sprawling surface area exceeding 440 square kilometres. Dotted along its shores, a medley of islands of varying sizes dot the landscape, each offering its own distinctive charm and allure. Among these, Tulu Gudo, the largest island, weaves a tapestry of history and legend, having been the rumored sanctuary of the fabled Ark of the Covenant.

Today, Gudo’s Maryan Tsion monastery stands as a testament to the passage of time, safeguarding a treasure trove of manuscripts that harken back over a millennium. This historical gem adds a layer of cultural richness to the natural wonders of the lake, creating a holistic experience that lingers in the hearts and minds of those fortunate enough to explore its shores.

In every ripple and whisper of the wind, Lake Langano and Lake Ziway beckon, offering a symphony of nature’s finest offerings, from crystalline waters to ancient echoes. Here, amidst the verdant embrace of Ethiopia’s Rift Valley, lies an experience that transcends the ordinary, a journey that invites you to lose yourself in the timeless beauty of the land and emerge rejuvenated, carrying with you memories that will last a lifetime.


  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, breakfast, lunch
  • Campfire Night (Roasted Goat)
  • Bottled water
  • Tent for one night (for those who want a room, we have arranged a special package)
  • Park entrance fee
  • Tour guide
  • Photography


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Langano Lake, Ethiopia

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