Camping Trip to Bale Mountain’s National Park

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Bale Mountains, Ethiopia
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4 Days & 3 Nights


Mexico, Wabi Shebelle Hotel @ 12:00 LT


Sep 6-9, 2023


Amharic, English

About this tour

Camping Trip to Bale Mountain’s National Park – Nestled 400 kilometers southeast of the bustling city of Addis Ababa lies a true marvel of nature – the Bale Mountains National Park. Prepare to embark on a journey that transcends landscapes and elevates your senses to new heights. This vast expanse, spanning 2,150 square kilometers, holds within its embrace a symphony of ecological diversity that will leave you spellbound.

Imagine ascending into the heavens as you make your way to the high-altitude wonder that is the Afro-montane Sanetti Plateau. Rising majestically over 4,000 meters, this celestial plateau boasts the lofty peak of Tulu Dimtu, standing as a sentinel over the southern Ethiopian highlands. Here, you’ll witness an otherworldly scene of glacial lakes and verdant swamps, blanketed by an undulating sea of grasses and wildflowers.

As you wander through the Northern grasslands, the land unfolds like a mosaic of colors and life. Your heart quickens at the sight of the endemic mountain nyala, with herds sometimes reaching an astounding 50 in number. These graceful creatures move like spirits across the plains, while bohor reedbuck graze peacefully, playing their crucial role in this delicate ecosystem. Warthogs trot by, grey duikers vanish into the underbrush, and the elusive spotted hyena prowls the night.

But the spectacle is not limited to the earth. The skies above are a tapestry woven with the wings of countless birds – the Abyssinian longclaw, the spot-breasted plover, and the magnificent Abyssinian ground hornbill. Each flutter of a wing adds a brushstroke to this living masterpiece.

Venturing further, the juniper woodlands beckon, a sanctuary where Hagenia abyssinica and African juniper trees stand as ancient sentinels. Amidst their branches, the Mountain nyala and Menelik’s bushbuck play a game of shadows. Birds of unimaginable hues fill the air – the Abyssinian catbird, the white-backed black tit, and the gold-mantled woodpecker, each a living gem in this lush crown of nature.

As you ascend to the Afroalpine meadows, you step into a realm few have witnessed. The air is crisp and thin, yet vibrant with life. Giant lobelias defy the odds, reaching for the heavens. Afroalpine rodents, masters of adaptation, thrive in this seemingly barren land. The regal Ethiopian wolves make their appearances, a promise fulfilled with every visit. Raptors grace the skies, their presence a testament to the abundance of life that thrives here.

Climb higher, and the Erica Belt reveals itself – a magical heather forest where Erica arborea stands tall, dressed in moss and lichen. Elusive creatures, such as the Menelik’s bushbuck and the grey duiker, vanish and reappear like whispers. This is a world of enchantment, where Alpine chats sing secrets to the wind.

Descending into the embrace of the Harenna Forest, you find yourself amidst the largest cloud forest in Ethiopia. The forest’s heart beats with the rhythm of life – black-and-white colobus monkeys leap through the canopy, and Menelik’s bushbucks navigate the undergrowth. The night reveals another world entirely, with genets, civets, and hyenas emerging from the shadows.

Here, the forest sings with an array of birds, each note echoing through the foliage – the Abyssinian hill babbler, the silvery-cheeked hornbill, and the vibrant Abyssinian oriole. Migrant birds grace the forest like transient stars, adding to the symphony of life.

Bale Mountains National Park is not merely a destination; it’s an odyssey into the heart of nature’s grandeur. With its sprawling grasslands, towering plateaus, ancient woodlands, and mystical forests, every step within this park is a step into the embrace of Earth’s most astounding creations.


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